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25 thoughts on “Theo Walcott’s Fifa Joke After Defeating Chelsea”

  1. @xxhyperhypekidxx even footballers! yes good point because they are some of the smartest people on the planet that keep a close eye on how they spend all of that money.

  2. thing is its actually true, wilshere posted a pic on twitter of all of them playing a day or 2 before this match.

  3. Theo-presses X to pass to Cesc
    Cesc- presses circle to shoot and he scores and the level,Amateur!!!

  4. u know what me and my bro’s friends were talking about the game and comparing it to FIFA 11 or 10 during the game and i have to say there was no difference.

  5. the 20 people who voted this up/down: the one who disliked it was a chelsea fan, the rest, each of them supported each of the remaining premier league teams.

  6. Thats all anyone does on fifa anyway, Run down the sideline and pass when the keeper comes out. ><

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