25 replies on “Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas”

  1. i hope arsenal offer fabregas stooooooooopid money to stay with us. he is such a humble, effective leader of our team, Stupid, stupid, stupid money. We’re rich. WHat does Messi make? that’s about right then.

  2. @zenethaleir we dont need fabregas to be something think about how well we was doing before him and younger players like aaron ramsey and jack wilshere

  3. “i watched the game, jumped out of the sofa when u scored against tottenham, loved the celebration…at their place”


  4. Two cosmic players. Love them immensly. And Henry – can’t go two phrases without slipping a joke in, what a lad.

  5. Cesc’s face when they tell Thierry he’s watching live = EPIC!
    You cheeky thing! XD

  6. henry is a legend cesc is a superb player glad he stayed at gunners this interview brings back some kind of memory i remember seeing it on tele

  7. cesc also happens to be ridiculously adorable. but i do love the way he plays. arsenal is lucky to have him

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