Vicente Del Bosque hinted that he does not believe his English counterpart

Vicente Del Bosque, the Spain boss, has hinted that he does not believe his English counterpart, Roy Hodgson, has been able to make England the kind of team he should have.

According to Del Bosque, there is no shortage of individual talent in the English set up, but, what they lack is the organization and that’s why, they have not become one of the strongest teams in the world so far.

Del Bosque was quoted as saying, “When you see the English team on paper, the quality is in abundance there. There are a lot of accomplished players, match winners and you feel they should have been much stronger than they presently are.”

“I think they are perhaps not as organized as they should be.”

Spain and England will be locking horns at Estadio Jose Rico Perez this Friday.

Del Bosque was in conversation with the reporters ahead of that game.

He also clarified that his decision to select Diego Costa for the coming game, despite the form of the striker not being that good lately, was not influenced by the fact that he had any personal liking for him or he believed he should do him a favour. He has just backed the potential of a high class player.

In the words of Del Bosque, “Everyone has seen what Diego has got to offer. It’s important to back the player when you know he has got immense ability. I hundred percent believe that he can deliver the goods for us and it’s only the confidence factor which has got him in the squad. There’s no favour or anything like that.”

Costa has only scored 4 goals in the 17 matches that he has played for Chelsea in the 2015-16 Season.