What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas

This new personal interview with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy – by Mel Fabregas from the VERITAS Show – lifts the veil on Undertaking CAMELOT and reveals the complex chain of occasions that took location in 2008-2009 that resulted in a schism in Task Camelot… a schism which which has now been healed. The interview specifics how Bill and Kerry might properly have created seven sets of highly effective enemies for the duration of that time – as a direct consequence of the stand they ended up taking on a range of issues. As Bill says in the interview: “It only normally requires one particular bullet to destroy you. When you have 7, you have small chance.” The story of precisely what happened, and the role design the Undertaking Camelot founders are searching for to set in resolving the differences that had been exacerbated by their enemies, is fascinating and crucial. Need to Check out. As constantly, there is humor. Enjoy the wonderful minor outtake at the beginning. The rest of the interview is really significant, and is made up of a Great deal of important information. BILL RYAN projectavalon.net http veritasshow.com
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25 replies on “What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas”

  1. Project Camelot has been a great succes nevertheless. They have been doing a great work! Most of us have the common goal, and that is a better world and the truth. I especailly have enjoyed their co-operation with David Wilcock. I hope they would continue it in the future even if they have some creative differences. We’re all in this together. Thanks for everything Bill and Kerry.

  2. I have an utmost respect for Bill. However keep up with the good work, both of you

  3. Bill tends to runs on and on, Kerry stops him she is trying to stay focused on the topics. I think a good mix. They are both people devoted to what they are doing.
    Interesting story!!!!!!

  4. her body language from the get go is very interesting… like before she knows he is filming…

  5. I want to see the “Part 2” of this interview. They alluded to it, but it didn’t happen.
    What’s going on with that ?

  6. just had a simple, observative comment removed which is weird, maybe if i did it up more jerry springer style or something and called kerry nuts or crazy it would stay up

  7. people just do not get along after a certain point. anyone who’s ever been in a relationship with yelling and objects being thrown, stuff you would be embarrassed for ANYONE to see, well imagine still having to work with that person after you broke up, let alone do an interview about your breakup. and LET ALONE the pressure they seem to have been under.. it is dramatis maximus to the 100th power, interesting info though if it’s true

  8. poor investigative techniques often lead the interviewee to the interviewers beliefs.

    indigo boy borishka is a good example. pure novices trying to hard!

  9. @psytrancedan Why should she try to be anything other than she is? Their differences as interviewers provide us with more perspectives. Perhaps we could try to be more humble and appreciative to the hands that feed.

  10. @MJF1800 How can you say “she is bigger than that” when you admit yourself her behavior is outrageous and from this video we can quite clearly see that Kerry is petty, immature, egotistical and not spiritually involved. The only possible way you could be saying “she is bigger than that” is if you have an emotional investment in Kerry, just as a Christrian has an emotional investment in his own beliefs and ignores, or explains away facts to keep the belief (like you’re doing)

  11. Kerry is SO egotistical. How can somebody so wrapped up in ego even claim to be spiritual?

  12. This interview is a big waste of time. People are focused in on what is perceived to be Kerry’s demeanor & sour puss when Bill speaks. Who’s talking about the heart of the issues presented? Everyone should look at the second hour of this interview. At the very end, she does not allow Bill to complete his closing statement. She talks over him & her phone is ringing off the hook. She then smirks, when the interview ends w/out bill finishing. Bill can get along w/ her by doing his own thing.

  13. @PiMagh Big thumbs down for her behavior… She is bigger than that… How petty…

  14. @psytrancedan You can say that again… She does a good job with the interviews but when she is next to Bill now it’s very uncomfortable to watch… She needs to find humility. She claims to be enilightened but this behavior is a little rough…

  15. wow, kerry, at 54:24, you are sooo bitchy, I can’t believe it.. please tell me that you had a good reason to be like that ! incredible.; I think I will skip your interviews from now on.

  16. Oh Man, Kerry, the more I watch this interview the more I’m convinced that you suffer of jealousy, closed mind and egomaniac behavoir.; please go into yourself and check it out ! it is so obvious.. ! you are not what you would like to be for the moment honey, there is still a lot of work to do internally ! 🙂 love

  17. well sorry Kerry, but listening to you, starting at 06:00, you don’t behave as you would “accept” your differences and be still friends.. quite the opposite.. body talks baby ! 🙂

  18. @PiMagh I mean, it’s not new and it’s a long time that you look so irritaded as soon as Bill talks !! why ?

  19. I’m sorry, I like kerry, but she looks so arrogant and unhappy to sit next to Bill.. that takes away a lot of your “spirituality, kerry, you know .; be more open and humble please.. I think Bill is as much worth then you.. you are just different, so please accept it and go on without bitterness.

  20. Cassidy to Ryan: “You’re a lot bigger than me so you take up more space”….

    If you’re so evolved, Kerry, why is your body language so distressingly hostile? No denying you are a smart cookie. but your controlling and aggressive style is such a turn off. Especially when displaying animosity towards Ryan. You would NEVER have had this opportunity without gentleman Bill Ryan, and something inside you knows it.

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