25 replies on “Andrei Arshavin Talks McDonalds, Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere & More With RWD TV”

  1. Play him centrally Wenger. This guy is a deadly in terms of creativity he
    is right up there with cazorla. Can’t stop thinking about how many times
    Arshavin and Fabregas linked up to get goals, it was glorious to watch.
    Just put him in CAM for some games… I’m not saying give him 90mins every
    game but just give him more than 10 mins. He’s a good lad, not one of those
    cunts who would leave in search for more money or a trophy, he just gets on
    with his game.

  2. You’re a fuckin idiot, you haven’t a clue.. sorry pal but sucking men off
    might be your thing but it isn’t mine!

  3. Arshavin!!! Flashes of pure brilliance, I will never forget his 4 goals
    against Liverpool and of course his winner against Barcelona.

  4. That spring during Nasri’s final season at Arsenal, when Nasri had a great
    fall but sucked big-time in the spring…. why didn’t Wenger give Arshavin
    more chances then? He was playing really well when he got subbed on and
    worked really hard for once. After Wenger continually favored an
    out-of-form Nasri over him, Arshavin just stopped caring

  5. Football team is like a human body. And in human body brain doesn’t have to
    do muscular work because it has other responsibilities and other role,
    roughly speaking. Arshavin is not to be used as a winger, as a runner or as
    a defensive player. He has something that’s called brain that nature gifted
    him. Wenger fault

  6. The last guy who had a bright career was Chamakh, he got dropped because of
    Van Persie and now he has no confidence, don’t do the same to Arshavin -.-‘

  7. He rarely gives 100% when he does get a chance and sits on 80k a week to
    train. Excellent role model.


  9. I love Arshavin to bits but the claims that he deserves to get into the
    first team because he’s a hard worker are wrong. He’s lazy; he has love
    handles and has to a large extent shortened his time at the top because of
    it. He’s still one of my favourites of all time though, that finish against
    Barcelona especially will be one of my favourite ever moments as an Arsenal

  10. He needs match fitness first. Absolutely love him but when he came on vs
    Chelski he ran about like a hairy potato.

  11. He was the best player alongside Pirlo in the Euros before Russia got
    knocked out in the group stages. If he is played centrally, he can create

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