25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott interview after Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea match”

  1. Their both so awesome, humble and down to earth! Plus they are both super cute. =]
    Go Gunners!

  2. Is it just me, or does theo sound like an awesome guy, and Cesc he’s just brilliant sharing his grog. C’MON ARSENAL!! from Australia.

  3. i am from Afghanistan and i love Arsenal footbal team, Cesc and Theo Arshavin, Nasiri, you guys are the best in the team so stay here, Cesc Dont go to Barca,

  4. Nah, what he meant was, ‘We made chelsea look GARBAGE at times.’ He was just being polite…’You know’…;)

  5. “are you firmly back in the title race now?”
    Theo: “I thought we were in it anyways” lol

  6. Best part “yeah you know… i think we play a bit of FIFA together so it was just a simple X wasn’t it? and uh.. haha…Square to him”

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