Cesc Fabregas to Real Madrid

What are ya thoughts on True Madrid producing a move for Fabregas? I Extremely doubt they will be capable to sign him seeing as Fabregas needed to join FC Barcelona , not Genuine Madrid. Victor Valdez words: “”I can not picture Cesc sporting the white shirt,” he explained, according to ESPNsoccernet. “As you know, I imagine his want is to return house, though that is not up to me.” Additional Tags: Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Player of the 12 months, Golden Gloves, Golden ball, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Robinho, roberto carlos, kaka, ronaldinho, adriano, ronaldo , david villa, fernando torres , 2011 transfers, world cup 2010, planet cup 2014, finest gamers of all time, soccer, football, fifa, La Liga, Premier League, Statistics, Maradona, puyol, sergio ramos, pique, valdez, casillas, xavi, xabi, dani alves, pedro, bojan, higuain, Mexico, Americas, Cruz Azul, Mls, series A . Intermilan, Ac milan, juventus , manchester city, chelsea , wolves
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8 replies on “Cesc Fabregas to Real Madrid”

  1. @WorldSoccerFifa – Its proven NOT to be true already….some newspaper made it all up :(….anyways i doubt cesc will ever go….maybe we should wait a few years until hes desperate to come back to spain…lool just kidding……….Cesc is amazing at Arsenal he just beat barcelona…I dont htink hed want to leave arsenal now…and i dont think arsenal would want to let him go.

  2. @Taboas2013 Madrid actually did try to sign Messi, well atleast thought of signing him. But Barca never agreed.

  3. @WorldSoccerFifa It’s like if Madrid were trying to sign Messi, it just can’t happen

  4. @princesadefutebol I understand that completely . Any team would love Cesc to be on there team. He is a great player. Madrid should try going for a different star because they are wasting there time trying to sign Fabregas.

  5. @WorldSoccerFifa – Its true that he’s a HUGE barca fan……I just WISH he would joing Madrid…its what most madrid fans want….but i doubt it will ever come true : (

  6. he might consider it but its not going to happen, but hes not going to Barcelona. He staying in Arsenal they are not going to let him go.

  7. @rivalcf4 I know, its ridiculous how Madrid even thinks they can sign Fabregas. If Fabregas ever decides to leave arsenal, he will go to barca, his home. Not Madrid.

  8. If Fabregas leaves he will join Barca. The media is crazy, a Cesc move to Madrid is almost impossible. Fabregas wont leave Arsenal till 2014 anyways and I even believe he will sign a new contract for Arsenal.

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