Cesc Fabregas back in training with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium (05/08/2010)

Earth Cup winner Cesc Fabregas returned to teaching with Arsenal, boosting the club’s odds of securing the Spain midfielder’s potential at the Emirates. The 23-yr-aged continues to be connected with Barcelona, who had a bid of £29m rejected by the Gunners in June. But his look in Arsenal’s pre-time team photograph is confident to assist boss Arsene Wenger’s quest to persuade his captain his long term remains in London. Fabregas joined the north Londoners from house-city club Barcelona in 2003. Wenger is adamant that the playmaker is not for sale at any price, but the Spanish champions have not been distracted by Arsenal’s obstinacy. A quantity of Barca’s leading gamers have expressed their need for Fabregas to join them at the Nou Camp, which includes new signing David Villa and midfielder Xavi. Nevertheless, Fabregas was material to train alongside his Arsenal staff-mates, appearing in front of followers at the Emirate Stadium at the club’s members’ day. The Gunners captain and Netherlands striker Robin van Persie returned to coaching after an prolonged vacation following their Planet Cup exploits in South Africa.
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  1. @emeemadridista the only reason he did not go is because he knows that he would not get into the barcelona team and u arsenal lot know this allways even busquets has the upper hand on him when it comes to first team

  2. Barca are a disgrace after the way they carried themselves through all of this i lost any respect i ever had for them, good to see Cesc back where he belongs Gooner 4 Life! =)

  3. what is that barcalona? what is that i hear? Cesc just told you to fuck off and so did arsenal for like the fucken billionth time.

  4. Welcome back Cesc. But hey then again he never left . . .

    Once a gooner. ALWAYS a gooner.


  5. yeah! good to see him with the Gunners. And that statement of his… oh gosh that made my morning

  6. FUCK YOU BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the look on Wenger’s face . Oh yeah , he’s playing with us , so up ur arse barca . I admire Wenger for the way he single-handedly put barca in its place. I hope barca get relegated or dont finish in the top 4 or something , I’ve never wished so bad on any rival team , but barca srsly pissed me off. it may not happen , but i’ve cursed them.

  8. @bienfait44

    word, fuck barca and all their goddamn tapping up, they need to STFU and let the kid get on with his already stellar career at the Arsenal!

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