25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas – Barcelona Presentation – HD”

  1. @king4barcelona he won alot but it wasn’t all by himself…plus he wasn’t as good as in arsenal

  2. I do not think Barcelona fans realize who they got. He is top 5 all time in assists in the premier league and he is only age 24. The last 2 years he had the best assists/per minute ratio in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Last year he had 19 assists and was injured for half the season. Barcelona in my opinion have the best midfield of all time with Fabregas at there disposal. If Barcelona use him right they will be unbeatable

  3. Farwell El Capitano, great 8 years of service Thank You!!! Wish you had won trophies at Arsenal!! Btw Arsenal Jersey looks way better on Cesc than the Barcelona one!! He looks weird in the Barca Jersey!!!

  4. Ilu kibiców przyszło go zobaczyć, myślę że z 80% miejsc zajętych. To są właśnie wierni kibice xD

    A tak na serio to kibice nie chcieli, żeby przychodził do Barcelony 🙂

  5. henry was superior 2008-2009 won la liga copa del cup champion league 18 goals I guess u dont watch henry play barcelona

  6. @hus20 Hahahahahha you make me laugh. If Barca is taking money in return for a player it’s called selling in any way you want to put it. Nobody put a gun to any player’s head and forced him to sign a contract.

  7. @roramonjr Barcelona probably beats your side so much..i can feel your envy man..lol VivaLaBlaugraNA!!

  8. @tladinyanel that because cesc plays more upfront… and also teams always park the bus against barca…. cesc will have it more difficult in la liga just like henry and helb did..but now even more because teams now park the bus everytime they face barca….maybe one or 2 will actually play…the rest is just trying to figure out how to break defenses

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