20 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Birthday Video”

  1. @10fati Great job 😀 and the song is good too don’t worry. I can beg you something? Can you do a video like this for Ramsey’s birthday ? ^^

  2. @daydreamgirlTR from my twitter followers, i gave them words and then they did what u saw on the video 🙂

  3. @JustinSaneNor it’s not horrible it’s just that i had to cut it.
    at first i put Your Love Is My Drug by Kesha and it fitted perfectly but i had to change since it was unvailable for so many countries, with this one it’s only unvailable for Germany :p

  4. happy bday,

    always do, what you love and feel the philosophy of your team. always be yourself.

    fans will respect you with everything you do, but you must remember, be yourself.

    once again, happy birthday Cesc 😉

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