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  1. totally agree with MrRenoog – fantastic video once again btw

    Fabergas is much much beter as a deep lying playmaker

  2. @MrRenoog Now because he is recognized as the heart of the team, many teams do tell their holding midfielders to close down on cesc so that when he turns, he does not have time on the ball to read the game, like so many times in your video. But wenger i think has recently started to counter it by asking him to play deeper, so that the opposition cdm does not tail him and then dribble up while picking his pass, with song and wilshire around him for the easy short pass if he is closed down.

  3. see what i mean a 20 goal per season man… all we need. if uu watch the pass master vid 08/09 uu see arsenal strikers wasting chances..its frustrating to watch… here thierry is just bangin em in for fun

  4. Xavi already established his reputation as the MODERN TOTAL FOOTBALLER, but I think it’s fair to say Fabregas is getting there. First of all, his vision and passing are still the most amazing I’ve ever seen in a player. Second he can also shoot free-kicks, has good finishing, dribble, head, tackle, and the rest. If he goes to Barca, their midfield will be uuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Despicable.

  5. with assists like these, and the kind of goals he’s scored too, plus setting up the 2010 world cup winning goal and having the experience of being a world cup winner, i’d say Fabregas is already an Arsenal legend and the next player to wear the #4 jersey, hopefully decades from now, will have an incredible honour

  6. Mr Renoog! you are a legend! keep up the good work. Fabregas is great playing CAM because he he can shoot from long range (which he’s very good at) and he can create killer passes which you show many times in this video! Thanks alot. Keep up the good work.

  7. Yeah, Xavi is still better but not much. Xavi is the best passer in the world, but Cesc has been better goalscorer this season and he’s still getting better every game 🙂

  8. True, but compare Gerrard and Cesc this season. Gerrard hasn’t done anything. Fabregas has 10 league goals and lots of assists.

  9. It’s my opinion. I consider him the best not only for his role in Arsenal, but also for his ability to place the ball in a special way. And besides, he scores many very beautiful, classy goals.

  10. Best midfielder after Xavi. Better than Pirlo. Way better than Lampard and Gerrard.

  11. Best player in the world at the minute – 15 Games, 9 Goals, 13 Assists 09/10 =)

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