Cesc Fabregas – The Captain – Vol.2 – HD

This is the version 2 of ”The Captain”, check the part 1 in my channel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Didn’t spent a lot of time, but I think this video it’s pretty nice, if you like this video click the next link: www.youtube.com CR 1 0 PRODUCTIONS ยฉ 2010 IGNORE TAGS: Netherlands vs Spain WM WC Finale Netherlands vs Germany WM WC Finale Germany vs Spain Uruguay vs Netherlands Spain vs Paraguay 1:0 Argentina vs Germany 0:4 Uruguay vs Ghana 5:3 Netherlands vs Brazil 2:1 Spain vs Portugal 1:0 Paraguay vs Japan 5:3 Brazil vs Chile 3:0 Netherlands vs Slovakia 2:1 Argentina vs Mexico 3:1 Germany vs England 4:1 USA vs Ghana 1:2 Uruguay vs South Korea 2:1 Switzerland vs Honduras 0:0 Chile vs Spain 1:2 Portugal vs Brazil 0:0 North Korea vs Cote D’Ivoire 0:3 Danmark vs Japan 1:3 Cameroon vs Netherlands 1:2 Slovakia vs Italy 3:2 Paraguay vs New Zealand 0:0 Ghana vs Germany 0:1 Australia vs Serbia 2:1 Slovenia vs England 0:1 USA vs Algeria 1:0 Greece vs Argentina 0:2 Nigeria vs South Korea 2:2 France vs South Africa 1:2 Mexico vs Uruguay 0:1 Spain vs Honduras 2:0 Chile vs Switzerland 1:0 Portugal vs North Korea 7:0 Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire 3:1 Italy vs New Zealand 1:1 Slovakia vs Paraguay 0:2 Cameroon vs Danmark 1:2 Ghana vs Australia 1:1 Netherlands vs Japan 1:0 England vs Algeria 0:0 Slovenia vs USA 2:2 Germany vs Serbia 0:1 France vs Mexico 0:2 Greece vs Nigeria 2:1 Argentina vs South Korea 4:1 South Africa vs Uruguay 0:3 Spain vs Switzerland 0:1 Honduras vs Chile 0:1 Brazil vs North Korea 2:1 Portugal vs
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  1. @TheFCBR80 Nope Youre Wrong. Real Madrid Are Going To Be The New Champions Of Spain And The Champions League Now That They Have The Master…Mourinho

  2. @CR10Productions the name is yellowcard?cuz i cant find a link to download it can u give one link to me if u can?

  3. @IID7ooMII but im sure that he will come because barca is going to win the Champions League and the Liga Again!!!!!!!!!!!

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