Cesc Fabregas – The Captain – Vol.2 – HD

This is the version 2 of ”The Captain”, check the part 1 in my channel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Didn’t spent a lot of time, but I think this video it’s pretty nice, if you like this video click the next link: www.youtube.com CR 1 0 PRODUCTIONS ยฉ 2010 IGNORE TAGS: Netherlands vs Spain WM WC Finale Netherlands vs Germany WM WC Finale Germany vs Spain Uruguay vs Netherlands Spain vs Paraguay 1:0 Argentina vs Germany 0:4 Uruguay vs Ghana 5:3 Netherlands vs Brazil 2:1 Spain vs Portugal 1:0 Paraguay vs Japan 5:3 Brazil vs Chile 3:0 Netherlands vs Slovakia 2:1 Argentina vs Mexico 3:1 Germany vs England 4:1 USA vs Ghana 1:2 Uruguay vs South Korea 2:1 Switzerland vs Honduras 0:0 Chile vs Spain 1:2 Portugal vs Brazil 0:0 North Korea vs Cote D’Ivoire 0:3 Danmark vs Japan 1:3 Cameroon vs Netherlands 1:2 Slovakia vs Italy 3:2 Paraguay vs New Zealand 0:0 Ghana vs Germany 0:1 Australia vs Serbia 2:1 Slovenia vs England 0:1 USA vs Algeria 1:0 Greece vs Argentina 0:2 Nigeria vs South Korea 2:2 France vs South Africa 1:2 Mexico vs Uruguay 0:1 Spain vs Honduras 2:0 Chile vs Switzerland 1:0 Portugal vs North Korea 7:0 Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire 3:1 Italy vs New Zealand 1:1 Slovakia vs Paraguay 0:2 Cameroon vs Danmark 1:2 Ghana vs Australia 1:1 Netherlands vs Japan 1:0 England vs Algeria 0:0 Slovenia vs USA 2:2 Germany vs Serbia 0:1 France vs Mexico 0:2 Greece vs Nigeria 2:1 Argentina vs South Korea 4:1 South Africa vs Uruguay 0:3 Spain vs Switzerland 0:1 Honduras vs Chile 0:1 Brazil vs North Korea 2:1 Portugal vs
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  1. รก pessoal vejam aqui no youtube
    musica de 1 milhao de reais
    quem รฉ o cara?

  2. @TheFCBR80 Nope Youre Wrong. Real Madrid Are Going To Be The New Champions Of Spain And The Champions League Now That They Have The Master…Mourinho

  3. @CR10Productions the name is yellowcard?cuz i cant find a link to download it can u give one link to me if u can?

  4. @IID7ooMII but im sure that he will come because barca is going to win the Champions League and the Liga Again!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. this video comes to my favourit awesome moments awesome video ๐Ÿ˜‰

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