Cesc Fabregas: In total control

The CTR360 is the ultimate control boot. Produced for players who pull the midfield strings. Players who specialise in killer by way of-balls. Players like Cesc. On Saturday, Cesc wore the CTR360 for the initial time, finding a possibility to see how the boot would boost his sport. Above ninety minutes Cesc gave a spectacular masterclass in the artwork of midfield play environment up four of Arsenals six goals and netting 1 himself. No arguments who manufactured the variation. Want to dominate the sport like Cesc? Take a look at the CTR360: bit.ly Start off teaching now: bit.ly
Video Rating: four / five

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  1. maybe your a fiiiiiirework cumon let ur fireswork cumon lets c ur fireswork i mite shoot u with a fiiiirework 2dayyyy 2nite

  2. @018IceTea018 I agree. People talk about if he had stayed with Barca he would be winning trophies, but Cesc is a Euro Champion World Cup Champion and Captain of a top European club at age 23. He has time to win with Arsenal. I hope he doesn’t get discouraged and that Arsenal gets trophies 🙂

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