25 replies on “The Best Of Cesc Fabregas”

  1. @blobbymoose

    How old are you? I say between the ages of 3- 5. hehehehe.
    I’ll tell your mother where she went wrong with you when she comes over tonight. = )

  2. cesc cant go other wise well only have arshavin arsene wenga make the right choice dont sell him 🙁

  3. @WordsOfWisdom88

    Oh yeah cuz your mum died

  4. @WordsOfWisdom88 HAHAHA FAIL

    He actually said hes staying at arsenal so go lick your mum


  5. Go Cesc Fabregas, time to leave small little Arsenal ! Time to play for Bracelona! hahahahaha

  6. Fabregas wanting a move not because he is frustrated with Arsenal not winning championship games but most likely of intenal bickering with some players as he is getting too much coverage,
    He knows that if he joins Baca,he will be a stand-in for Xavi while at Arsenal he is leading the team and being part of a club game plotting and that’s too good to throw out.
    Arshavin is an outstanding player but I have some reservation on him as he has been freely expressing his disappoinments at Arsenal.

  7. Cesc isn’t going to barcalona because I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy who knows a guy who has a friend who knows a guy who’s mum met a man who knows a guy who knows another guy who asked cesc if he was going to barca cesc said speak to my agent but the guy dosent know his agent but he did know a guy who know a guy who did know his agent and his agent said ” he ain’t goin to barca”. Solid proof case closed!

  8. Cesc has to stay, we only lost Henry a couple of years ago and he was our captain then. Now Barcelona are now trying to rip us off and steal our other captain at 23 yrs old? My point is, there is nobody in the world better then Cesc at 23. Fabregas is worth no less then 60-65 million. If spain wins the world cup then surly his price tag should go up even further.

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