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  1. El problema que teneis y no quereis reconocer es que no ganais una mierda y este chico ama al arsenal pero su corazón es blaugrana. Vinisteis y os lo llevasteis y ahora quiere volver a su casa y eso os jode! Crear vuestros propios jugadores en cantera y luego no os lamentareis tanto pringaos!!! Y YES SOY SUPPORTER DEL BARCELONA PARA TODA LA VIDA BABY comete lo mocazos.

  2. Why does everyone harass Cesc, he has shown tremendous respect to the fans of Arsenal and therefore in return should receive it back. Im a huge fan but come on he’s human, if he wants to return home then he can, it’s no different than if someone else wanting to leave one job for another

  3. I agree with you WEATHERALLC05.Cesc will have to wait for 2 good seasons to get a number in Baca.

  4. @patukinoti YOU COMPARE CESC WITH ALEXANDER HLEB??? JAJAJAJ CESC DESERVES MORE RESPECT!! Wenger y tú dáis risa y no respetáis a Cesc!


  6. its so painfully amusing how players like hleb, flamini and vieira screwed up so bad at top clubs like juventus and milan after arsenal careers. but then again players like reyes (who for me was amazing), are still cutting it well in madrid

  7. If you really want Barca, then go. Nobody will stop you.
    Aaron Ramsey will follow you up then, he does great so far. Scored against Man Utd at last and more.

    But remember, Xavi can play at least 2 seasons still at his best and a starting 11 every game will then not be bright.

    But keep in mind you will always be a Gooner.

  8. When you are on the Barca bench watching Iniesta and Xavi play feeling your incredible talent being wasted just remember our voices singing your name while you used to rip defences apart with your vision and passing. Then compare that to the Barca fans cheering on their heros without a care in the world for you.
    The Arsenal board might want to sell you but WE (the most important people) dont. Only you can decide at the end of the day, if you say no, no one will force you to go.

  9. an U-17 World Championship Golden Shoe winner, an U-17 World Championship Golden Ball winner, a European Under-17 Football Championship Golden Player winner, a Bravo Award winner, a Premier League Player of the Month winner twice, and a PFA Young Player of the Year winner twice. He was also named in the UEFA Team of the Year for 2006 and 2008!
    He’s a dedicated, loyal, professional which is rare these days and an all round nice guy to boot.

    Priceless in my opinion but the market’s crazy!

  10. @MrBuffalow77

    I thought the exact same thing. Cesc is a £50m+ midfielder, one of the best in the world. Made the captain for a top four English club at age 21. Has captained a team to the knockout stages of the CL for four years running. He’s a Community Shield winner, an FA Cup winner, a European Championship winner, A WORLD CUP winner.

  11. cesc, do whats best for you. not others. if u wanna go to barca, have fun with ur national team friends, do that. if u wanna stay at arsenal, and continue what u started, do that. im personally a huuuge arsenal fan, and would love you to stay. but please do what you want. have fun. make the right decision thats best for you. but I’ll be honest with you. dont go to italy. either go to barcelona or stay at arsenal. just tellin you. have fun.

  12. love you cesc!!! <3
    guys stopp talking to him and say: dont go to barca/go to barca! its his OWN decision not yours!!!!

  13. im really pissed at myself for not knowing your arrival. but you didnt visit jakarta either. you are trully champion, a player which i admire the most.
    Im a huge interisti, but i wont suggest you to go to inter, or moreover barca.
    There, you wont find space to play regularly. arsenal is your home. you deserve there. you are loved there. cesc is a great champion.
    Sampai jumpa,, so long my idol..

  14. cesc fabregas is the most creative player,also the heart of arsenal..im sad if cesc leave without a silverware..please stay..please let arsenal give you as many silverware for you..i hope we win epl,carling,fa and uefa..

  15. @ant24794
    No I don’t think so. Pep loves to rotate and I bet Cesc would get enough time on the pitch!

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