25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas staying cool”

  1. @MrRareFind

    Sorry, but may I ask how you would react with being set on fire and having to do keepy-uppys? Tbh, I would NOT do that, even with a suit. Its just human nature, you don’t want to be on fire…..

  2. Sorry, I really don’t understand what was the point of that experiment? If it was that he is capable of being cool under pressure…that was pretty weak. I mean he is wearing a flame retardant suit…he really wasn’t in any danger, unless ofcourse he panicked, took his helmet off, and ran into the goal post.

  3. @GabrielStefan lool that was him and wenger is in the show and fabregas is spanish i bet he put himself in alot of sitiautions

  4. There is no way in hell that was him. Arsenal would have went batsh*t crazy if their £100,000+/week player had decided to light himself on fire. And I’m sure Fabregas has more sense then to risk pissing away his career for a Nike ad.

  5. this is real it has to be and there were professionals making sure he was safe

    and i agree with rafaxevil that is the best goal celebration in the world

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