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23 thoughts on “Fabregas”

  1. Definately one of the most likable players in football right now. He’ll be one of the best players in the world soon enough.

    Wouldn’t you just love to see a team with this guy, rooney, ronaldo, fernando torres, and messi? Ha.. Even with them all under 21 it would be the best team in the world!

  2. yeah, seems like Cesc has more ladies fans here, while guys look at his football skills. He’s not overrated, he’s really good!

  3. shut up,cesc is not over rated,he’s a great playa
    and always delivers.
    plus he’s fit,extremely good looking and hot,i want him lol

    I died when i found out he was dating carla for the past 2 and a half years X_X

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