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  1. @spire1997 What is there that bothers you in who I support? I’m sure there are plenty people across the globe who support, say (for the sake of the conversation), Valencia. And not all of them live in Valencia. What does that make them?

  2. @xsoccerdork

    Which makes you being an Arsenal fan all the worse buddy. Seriously, go an see your local club. They represent where you are from.

  3. @spire1997 chill, mate. I don’t even live close to London. Get your facts straight please.

  4. @xsoccerdork

    I’d call you more of a glory hunter. Along with your Manchester United supporting mates. Why dont you all show a bit of local pride and go and support your local club. They need your support far more than these capital driven “companies”. You’ll also get a lot more out of it.

  5. @xsoccerdork
    Don’t worry mate, me neither really. If you look at my channel you’ll see that I support Swansea and go to watch them every home and a few away games. It’s just i’ve always liked Arsenal and managed to get tickets for this game so I went.

  6. @calumdabest I’m an Arsenal fan but not die-hard only because a few people I grew up with are Man Utd fans. So ignoring MU vs Arsenal, I take Arsenal any day. Don’t know how much of a fan you’d consider me then.

  7. @xsoccerdork
    go for it mate lol. Na you wont be dissapointed let me tell you. You actually a arsenal fan or just a neutral ?

  8. @calumdabest That’s rad. I would kill to watch a match at the Emirates! I’m going to do that someday and SOON.

  9. @ojxxx
    i know mate, was incredible tbh. oh well its back to watching swansea every week for me

  10. @calumdabest wasn’t my first game but the way you’ve described it was the exact same for me.. and about 10,000 or so other fans behind that goal

  11. this match was my first arsenal match. i was sitting behind the goals that he scored in. once van persie scored we all jumped celebrating obviously, then before i sat back down i looked up and seen fabregas running through the defence and scoring again. UNBELIEVABLE !

    Fucking amazing when you see players just go crazy like that!

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