Cesc Fabregas is Looking to Finish a Saga

Eden Hazard, a former member of Cesc Fabregas is believed to draw an end to the saga and sign a contract extension with Chelsea. He is known for his desire to achieve his dream of playing from Real Madrid side which held him from taking any new fresh deal.

Fabregas left the blues in January and joined 1 Monaco, now he is believed to not make any announcement about his future at the vital stage of the season or any mention about leaving. Cesc said to a Spanish radio station, that he thinks he is going to extend his contract with Chelsea. He feels that he is a loyal player.

Monaco completed on the contract which will last for 3 and a half year of Cesc Fabregas from Chelsea. Fabregas said after the announcement of move that it is a great pleasure for him to join AS Monaco; it is a new project for him. He is there to help the team and he is looking forward to starting soon. He is very excited according to his statement.

Fabregas also posted on twitter saying, he was having mixed emotions while writing the message. He sent out a big vote of thanks to the members of the Chelsea team from the staff to the coach, the players, and the public as well. He said it was an incredible journey and said goodbye with sadness, he said he will miss everyone and good luck for the future. He left Chelsea being a part of the champions team two times. Monaco’s vice president welcomed Fabregas wholeheartedly saying that there is a lot of excitement around because he is going to join the Monaco club. He said he believes that Cesc’s great experience on a high level will bring a lot of bonus for their players, on and off the field. Sarri said that he has an offer for two years and he does not want to upset Cesc considering him as a very important player.