25 replies on “Cesc Fabregas Solo Goal vs Tottenham HD”

  1. @OriginalYTName only time will tell and you can’t say you won games you havn’t played yet. Right now you have the same amount of points

  2. @GunnersFootball

    Look, I know we always used to get excited when we beat you and always said we’d finish above you when deep down we even probably doubted it ourselves but I really don’t see any reason we shouldn’t this year.

    We’re just honestly better this year.

    6 points clear and the harder games played.

    You still haven’t even played City..

  3. @OriginalYTName Why is Spurs clinging on to Bale’s heroics in champions league? Maybe because that’s theο»Ώ last time they will ever see the champions league? Arsenal finish above spurs in every year since i can remember and this year will be no different. Spurs can’t even cling two wins in a row vs arsenal and all of a sudden you guys think your better. A short a time above arsenal in the table and spurs fans think they are all that. Enjoy it while it lasts! aha bless you spurs fans!

  4. @yidvids2

    This is the kind of video Arsenal fans will be clinging to now that Spurs are the best team in North London.

    Also funny that this was the last time they beat us in the league.

  5. God how did I stumble across this video, Dreadful to watch from my point of view, as embarrassing as this was at the time, the 10/11 game made all this pain worthwhile!

  6. @Ridgeyray fuck off dickhead your brain has o be the most overated thing on this planet

  7. @N173 Well barca fans are mostly young people like us who only start watching football and they start playing their classical style in the early 2000s.. Now in 2011, they win everything, natural, even more kids nowadays, age 9 -12 who just started picking their fav team will start off with picking barca.

  8. People say players like him and Xavi are slow, but although there slow on the football pitch, they would surely still be able to run 12.2 because you need to be quick to make it at top level?

  9. @JetsGiantsAlliance are you serious? its the most overated goal ive ever seen on a football pitch

  10. @Romanshulev Umm, what is your point? He might have not been the best for the last two seasons, but when ever he played when he was fit, he made Arsenal too good. Even if he played 50% he still gave us more than the ones that were 100%.

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