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  1. @YanTheBlackMan my apologies. I meant ‘make it look like he dove’ on the Alves part. haha. 😉

  2. @YanTheBlackMan p.s. Do know that it was the Madridista news complex which doctored videos of Pepe’s foul against Alves to make it look like he (Alves) didn’t dive. They’re main goal is most often the stirring of conspiracy and the propagation of Madrid sympathy. They are horribly biased, and any news corp which uses stories from them without some initial form of fact-checking aren’t likely to be all too reputable.

  3. @YanTheBlackMan TheLOVEMANU’s point is that if you’ve read some rumours of racism regarding Barça players, it has most likely originated from Madrid tabloids. I don’t know about the Busquets’s case, but Villa and Fab’s arguments with opposition players have not been about race. Kanoute has already tweeted that Cesc didn’t insult his race, as did Khedira when he spoke for Ozil in saying that Villa didn’t call him a terrorist. There’s a video of the fight, but not of the conversation.

  4. @YanTheBlackMan

    What Villa did was completely normal because Ozil was shouting at Fabregas while he was hurt in the floor, So Villa pushed Ozil away from him, I see that normal. Did you forget what Pepe did to the Barca fans?

  5. @TheLOVEMANU correction. 2/3 are on video. villa isnt on video but ozil’s reaction says it all

  6. @TheLOVEMANU i live in england, why would i be reading Marca and AS? all im saying is that the situation is nothing to do with Real Madrid so i don’t know why you were bringing them into your comment, trying to deflect away from the fact that fabregas on video called kanoute a “f*cking black sh*t” in spanish. villa called mesut ozil a terrorist and busquestes called marcelo a monkey. all 3 are on video so i must say u have to be an idiot not to believe it, ill even link u when i find the time

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  8. @YanTheBlackMan

    What the hell is wrong with you? don’t you watch the news? The “Marca” and “AS” are both newspaper who support Real Madrid, and they accused Cesc that we was racist to Kanoute, while both Kanoute and Cesc denied that, you are the one who is pathetic for thinking this way, and I’m sure that you know what am saying is completely correct. David Villa never insulted Ozil, in fact it was the same newspapers “AS” and “Marca” who said that. Barca doesn’t have pussies like CR or Pepe.

  9. Cesc, you just gained yourself a fan over here. A man willing to stand up for his fellow teammate and not just caring about fame and himself is a top class player himself.

  10. @TheLOVEMANU really now. well fyi i did think and came to the very LOGICAL conclusion that Madrid were not playing in this match, so why would they be ‘pathetically trying to make barca look bad’ unless it was against their own team. And to make barca look bad isn’t really that hard, with at least 2 racists in the team *villa busquetes COUGH*

  11. what the FUCK people are talking about …do u want fucking MESSI to score each and every game ….are they fucking taking a piss out of hell. he is not fucking machine to score anytime he want…its so annoyed that people are doubting on MESSI !!!

  12. @YanTheBlackMan

    Madrid’s newspaper the “AS” and ‘Marca”. Please think before talking.

  13. Just because of 2 games and some ppl will doubt Messi? What a dumbass reporter asking stupid questions.

  14. Cesc is not racist, I am a United supporter since 1991, and never in my life I’ve seen a well respected player like Cesc. Don’t believe the rumors that farts out there in Madrid because they are trying pathetically to make Barca look bad, while we all believe that Barca are the best now, the truth about what Cesc said to Kanoute was ” Why can’t you do better than that”.

  15. wtf dnt u madrid fanboys gt? stop trolling fags. if kanoute clearly said that cesc didn’t say something racist, then he didn’t. fcking cunts keep hating.

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