Why Cesc Fabregas Missed The Victory Of Chelsea Over Bournemouth?

Cesc Fabregas has been regularly all through the pre-season of Chelsea. However, he is yet to be the part of the Premier League match for Maurizio Sarri and this will continue till the match opposite Bournemouth in this afternoon. Cesc Fabregas is 31-years-old now and he was a regular fixture in the preseason of Blues trips to Nice, Australia and Dublin. But, in that final match, Fabregas picked up a small injury opposite Arsenal.

And because the players of the World Cup not returned in time also, Fabregas, who plays at the position of midfielder in the team, was asked to play in the matches of Community Shield opposite Manchester City, which according to the football. London aggravated his injury further.

Sarri committed that the injury he got was around the knee area. He has said that he is doing water work in-order brings himself back to the full fitness. On Friday, Sarri admitted that “Cesc is out still, though he is working in water, but we expect that in the coming weeks he will be capable of working on the pitch.

He said, “I am very sure that the injury he has sustained is not that serious, but the pain is his knee is something that cannot be taken lightly. Thus, nothing serious is there, still because of the pain, it would not be possible for him to run on the pitch, right now he able to run in the water only.”

The good news for Fabregas is that, the international break is now coming up and again he is not involved with Spain. This will give him enough time to recover and it is expected that he will be back for the match of Cardiff City that will be played on 25th of September