Opinion article on the Adebayor stamp incident

Report by Jason Tayamora

Is it just me, or was Emmanuel Adebayor’s horror stamp on his ex-staff mate, Robin Van Persie, a single of the most disgraceful occasions the Premier League has witnessed in many years?

It’s not just the truth that he deliberately targeted a player with the intention of hurting him it really is the reality that they were strike partners and intended pals only a number of months before.

Adebayor also created an x-rated lunge that could have broken the leg of Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, leaving him with a nasty 3-inch gash on his shin.

So what could Van Persie have carried out incorrect that infuriated the Togo ahead so much that he had to stud him in the face – severely cutting his cheek and only a handful of centimetres from potentially blinding him in one particular eye.

It’s typical assault, there is no doubt about it. If an incident like that had been to take place down the higher street, you’re seeking at serving time in jail.

So what gives footballers the proper to deliberately injure someone and get away with it? I am confident John Johnson from Peterborough wouldn’t argue as well a lot if he was proven a red card by police officers and banned from getting into a nightclub for 3 days after kicking someone in the confront on a night out.

I wonder what would take place if the police started to prosecute footballers for deliberately injuring players?

It’s possible that is a stage too far, but it would be exciting to see if the degree of severe foul play was diminished if players knew that they could be heavily fined, be produced to do neighborhood service or even land on their own in prison for punching, elbowing or studding a fellow expert.

Adebayor claims that his ‘stamp’ was accidental, but it hasn’t stopped the Football Association (F.A) from slapping a 3-match ban on his head, and rightly so. Probably 3 matches aren’t even adequate.

He could, nonetheless, locate himself suspended for a more three games if the F.A get their way and punish him for his ridiculous try to wind-up the travelling Arsenal supporters by running the length of the pitch to celebrate his goal in front of them.

Once again Adebayor has pleaded his innocence, stating soon after the game, “The emotion overtook me. A whole lot had been mentioned and published prior to the match.”

But I suppose in his defence, he did only have ninety yards (perhaps 15 seconds) to determine whether or not to insight a riot – as a outcome of which a steward was injured.

Maybe I’m being harsh on the man, perhaps he did get a whole lot of stick from the Arsenal followers that once cheered his name, but doesn’t that happen to gamers week in week out in football at all ranges?

Adebayor has claimed that a quantity of the Arsenal gamers disrespected him before the game by deliberately not shaking his hand.

Even if this were true, kung fu surely isn’t the solution, Emmanuel. There are better techniques to get your stage across than wounding friends that you invested 3 years of your lifestyle with.

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